Our global project „THE LIGHTNING BOLT“ with its local FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and NATIONAL SOVEREIGN units of „BALL LIGHTNING“ is being introduced to global public exactly:

21st DAY of the 21st YEAR of the 21st CENTURY at 21st HOUR and 21 MINUTES of CET (Central European Time) in the HEART OF EUROPE.

Such release date and time could help us ALL to PEACEFULLY

overcome the ongoing tension lead by massive political corruption, censoring, scientific corruption, medical corruption and fake media news.

We are very unhappy about unprecedented VOTER FRAUD done in the USA, covered by main stream media all over the globe this year, and also in the last few decades. BUT, WE ARE WATCHING YOU – GLOBALISTS, RICHEST PEOPLE, ELITE FAMILIES, MAIN STREAM MEDIA and GLOBAL BIG TECH, TELCOM and PHARMA CORPORATIONS and GLOBAL ORGANIZATIONS! Enough is enough!

The branding colours of our global project were also very carefully selected with the knowledge of its power and symbolism, especially widely used by China and past Soviet Union Countries. Those colours are very POWERFUL, but it’s not just about their POWER.

WE are the VOICE
WE are the POWER
WE are the WORLD

Sign here our Global Manifesto – register, coordinate and UNITE ALTOGETHER!

We simply need to target responsible individuals for the current economical and livelihood world-wide disaster.

Globalists and politicians promoting coronavirus measures (lockdowns, covidpass, social distancing, face masks, etc.), transhumanism, climate changes, fourth industrial revolution, urgency for 5G coverage and urgency for nonsense COVID-19 vaccinations, in general the so-called Great Reset. These people must be held accountable immediately.

What are we fightning for?

  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • National sovereignty
  • Humanity
  • Human rights
  • Constitution
  • Family as we know it
  • Free speech
  • Freedom from censorship
  • Voluntary and unconditional vaccination, which benefits the person
  • Wireless and EMF technologies, which are tested on long-term use
    and don’t harm the environment and the population
  • Clean air without a negative impact of geoengineering
  • Spiritual freedom / spiritual development / consciousness
  • Natural principles
  • Honouring national customs and traditions in every country

How can we do it?

  • Unite – we need to show them our collective power
  • Regime change – we don’t need politicians and globalists
  • Food independence – local production and support of small businesses
  • Mindset call – focus your mind, thoughts and heart on a peaceful global change every day at a specific time for 15 – 30 minutes. It can probably work, it’s free, no violence necessary, and we will see if it’s effective.
    • Let’s unite for this mindset call EVERY DAY (until we succeed) globally at 13:00 pm (London time), 14:00 pm (Berlin time), 16:00 pm (Bucharest time), 8:00 am (New York time). See your perfect time for our group mindset call in your timezone HERE.
    • How to do a mindset call: For 15 – 30 minutes, visualize (either with eyes closed or open, based on your preference) a peaceful global positive change you want to see, put your heart and positive emotions into it. Let your imagination loose, don’t limit yourself. You can imagine a world where everyone is free, people are happy and doing what they love, where people are kind and respectful to each other, without corrupt politicians and those trying to control the population… a world, where we honour and respect our differences, where our goals and intentions benefit humanity as a whole without any negative agendas. A world, where we are united and we honour nature and natural principles. Imagine anything that causes you to feel positive emotions like hope, excitement, joy – this is the most important thing. Put your heart into it. If you want to, you can listen to some calming music while doing it, e.g. see THIS ONE.

About the Project / Vision

  • Our vision is to connect the newly formed opposition movements and non-parliamentary parties in individual countries under one umbrella project, so that they have mutual simple goals in the upcoming elections:
    • abolish political parties and movements,
    • abolish criminal organizations such as the UN, WHO, EU, IMF, World Bank, WEF, GAVI, CEPI…
    • hold those individuals and participating companies or organizations that support the false narrative of a deadly pandemic accountable (MSM media, big tech, pharmaceutical industry and other criminal organizations),
    • government just as service for the people,
    • implementation of referendum law,
    • withdrawal from criminal organizations,
    • freedom of speech,
    • safe internet without censorship and no cloud solution,
    • inalienability of personal data, other private data and correspondence,
    • preservation of cash,
    • change of the financial system,
    • independence of the judiciary,
    • independence of the media,
    • direct revocability of leaders who will have personal responsibility and will make decisions purely on the basis of their conscience.
  • We will gradually publish more detailed information on the transformation process here on our website.

What our logo stands for?

Download the logo that you need