About us

We are aware that most parliamentary political parties or movements do not sufficiently fulfill their primary function at present, and do not sufficiently control the executive branch and in many countries commit complicity to currently implemented anti-coronavirus measures that liquidate the economy and destroy the future of our children. This can come from knowledge and ignorance of such disciplines as epidemiology, virolology, microbiology, immunology, nanotechnology, etc. What is completely unforgivable is the silencing of professionals with an opposite view, which no one listens to and on top of that they are being intimidated. This gives us a clear signal that something is wrong. That’s why we’ve come up with an alternative.

Surely you have all noticed that small islands of independent civic political movements and groupings are being born in your countries, with the ambition to change and set things in motion. Thus they are trying to implement their own politics. This journey is commendable, but terribly long and with an uncertain outcome. It is necessary to realize that the current situation is not about politics or politicking. Such a policy and strategy will now clearly divide us, and that is exactly what we must not allow.

That is why we are coming up with a project that aims to unite all political movements and non-parliamentary political parties under one brand, a symbol that makes it clear to globalists that we can unite globally and reject the new world order they have prepared, which in addition will be only for a part of our population.

It is important to realize that even if something is achieved in one country, there will still be great danger from those countries where it does not happen. That is why it is crucially important to throw politics as such overboard, to remove political parties and movements, and to establish a government of the people.

We come up with this idea without funds, without financial sponsors, literally with our bare hands and just an open mind. No one is behind us, we do not have to be grateful to anyone, we have nothing to return to anyone, and we will not promise anyone anything. After all, we recommend applying this to each of you who wants a real change. Each country will be dealing with exactly the same problem. So let’s address what is most fundamental.

The project was born in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic, and is backed by three people, three generations, who have realized that the right solution will not be created without wit, experience, knowledge across all generations. We put together a unique mix of knowledge and skills, especially because we don’t think about ourselves, but we care about the good of us all. Will you join? Do you think this project has a chance of success? We say yes.

David Formanek (CZ citizen)
26 years old

Radek Pech (CZ citizen)
46 years old

Anonymous (to be revealed later for security reasons)
70 years old