Shame on you ALL!

Hello PM Trudeau, Chief Medical Officer Tam, Premier Ford, Health Minister Elliott, There is an old saying that being forewarned is sufficiently being warned.  Criminal racketeering, bioterrorism and abuse of human rights are serious charges, and there are other matters of law such as violations of the Nuremberg Code and crimes against humanity you will …

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Global Open Letter to Governments of Canada & Ontario

Hello Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Ford, Dr. Tam, Health Minister Elliott, Be advised that we are fully aware of the following matters, and that your local media remains silent other than blasting out fake numbers and pretending that PCR tests are “new cases”: 1. The lawsuit filed against you by constitutional attorney Rocco Galati mainly …

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Global open letter

Attn: President Milos Zeman, PM Andrej Babis, Health Minister Jan Blatny MD, Jarmila Razova, et al, including Ministries, Parliament and Senate, and media. Hello Health Minister Dr. Jan Blatny, I see from Ontario Canada five things that are interesting. First, seems someone in the Czech government decided to “Cross the Rubicon” due to allowing the …

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