Global Open Letter to Governments of Canada & Ontario

Hello Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Ford, Dr. Tam, Health Minister Elliott,

Be advised that we are fully aware of the following matters, and that your local media remains silent other than blasting out fake numbers and pretending that PCR tests are “new cases”:

1. The lawsuit filed against you by constitutional attorney Rocco Galati mainly on the grounds of your violations of Canada law against your citizens; and

2. The class action lawsuit filed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his associates in Ontario against you; and

3. There is currently an action being prepared against you that will be presented to the ICC at The Hague under the Articles and subsections elaborated on below; and

4. The action that I am one of over 2,000 global plaintiffs will be filed very soon at the US District Court, Washington DC and features multiple violations of US Criminal Code Title 18, as well as ICC Rome Statute violations, and violations of the Nuremberg Code.  That case is under US criminal law with civil remedies and has been applied outside of the USA after being upheld at a US Court of Appeals when the defendants were desperate to overturn the US District Court order that cost them $1.6 billion USD that they stole by deceit.

As mentioned in item 3 above, the ICC matters come under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Part 2: Jurisdiction, Admissibility and Applicable Law; Article 5, Crimes within the jurisdiction of the Court; Subsection 5(b) Crimes Against Humanity.   Article 7 – Crimes Against Humanity and those crimes are elaborated in that Subsection 5(b), Article 7.

We have the distinct impression that you as group and your other Covid-19 Task Force advisors are not paying attention to news from outside of Canada.  The purported UK variant B.1.1.7., allegedly more contagious, more deadly than SARS CoV-2, has now been downgraded by it’s originator UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty to being merely a weak seasonal flu.  Mr. Whitty has a past history in false pandemics, such as the bogus 2009 Swine flu fearmongering that never materialized.

Not deadly or even that contagious, but the useless Covid-19 vaccines are proving to be a disaster in terms of harmful vaccine injuries and deaths, that will soon eclipse any pretenses of what the real Covid-19 death numbers are.

Not one entity in the UK has any evidence of isolating, researching, or even generating a real genome of a SARS CoV-2 virus at any time and now they are failing to prove they have conclusive evidence that the B.1.1.7 even exists.  The same applies to the other alleged variants that have every appearance of fearmongering and bioterrorism.

That same reality is true for Canada because many entities, including research universities and originally claimed they had isolated SARS CoV-2 are now having to admit under FOI (Freedom of Information) that was not the truth.

The CDC in Atlanta GA has issued the real death toll for the past 21 years, specifically 2000 to 2020.  It is glaringly apparent that 2020 was #20 on that list and that fake 2009 Swine flu fearmongering was #21 on that list.  There was no excess mortality in any nation on Earth during 2020 and many are going to rue the day they agreed to play along with this global scam.

The Fuellmich team has filed an ICC action against the government of Norway and certain entities based there and one is being prepared at this time against Merkel and her government. 

The nation of Italy has now filed a crimes against humanity action at the ICC.

On April 21, 2020 a criminal bioterrorism action was filed in Prague Czech Republic on the basis of Czech bioterrorism laws.  The government here is acting exactly like you are in Canada and on the same schedule, as are other nations.  That Prague bioterrorism action is based on 2 whistleblowers that came forward to us and will be joined with the US District Court action.

Maybe you missed the statement of Germany Health Minister Jens Spahn, gay male, former bank clerk, no medical credentials whatsoever at the WEF Davos 2021:  “we are not going to stop the corona-terror until our objectives are met.”

At least the Canada Statistics Office is hemmed in by the truth:

There are now many places reporting sharp spikes in bacterial pneumonia due to wearing a useless mask that cannot stop any virus.

Maybe you should have your teams read the Dr. Anthony Fauci research paper published in 2008 that it was masks, not the dreaded 1918 Spanish flu, that killed most of the tens of millions due to inducement of bacterial pneumonia and pneumococcal pneumonia due to excessive mandates to wear masks.  In short, the 1918 Spanish flu was not a pandemic and did not kill tens of millions of people, pneumonia killed the vast majority of those that died.

This will be the last communication from me.  Plaintiffs have no need to communicate with Defendants.

Liars should not take it personal or take umbrage when people accurately call them out for being exactly what they are… Liars.


Karl W. B. Schwarz
Managing Director, CEO
Tokata Nanotech Group, s.r.o.
Prague Czech Republic

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