Global open letter

Attn: President Milos Zeman, PM Andrej Babis, Health Minister Jan Blatny MD, Jarmila Razova, et al, including Ministries, Parliament and Senate, and media.

Hello Health Minister Dr. Jan Blatny,

I see from Ontario Canada five things that are interesting.

First, seems someone in the Czech government decided to “Cross the Rubicon” due to allowing the useless Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to be field trailed on Czech citizens without the proper animals trials first.  It is not comforting to see a cowardly Babis-led government allow the Czechs to be guinea pigs and at great risk to their health or even their life.

If you do not know what “cross the Rubicon” means, please look it up.  Whoever authorized those vaccines in Czech Republic should be indicted soon after the death toll and vaccine injuries are totaled.

Secondly, are you aware that the CDC has been caught again lying?  There are not 501 deaths due to those two vaccines in the USA alone and close to 11,000 adverse reactions.  There are now over 1,200 deaths and adverse reactions have easily topped 50,000 just in the USA, directly due to the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines that are not even based on any component of SARS CoV-2.

Who should we contact to deliver a criminal complaint for willful manslaughter or possible outright murder of Czech citizens by experimental vaccines that are not even based on any SARS CoV-2 virus or any antigen of a SARS CoV-2 virus?  You?  Vojtech?  Prymula?  Babis?  Hamacek?  Razova? All of you and possibly others?

Third, I think it interesting that Dr. Aleksi Sedo says he is glad he left the Czech Health Ministry and was in a way publicly bashing you as if he is competent and you are not.  You probably do not need to be reminded that political cowardice, agendas, or expedience are not medicine or science, or leadership.

Is anyone over there discussing the repercussions of violating the Nuremberg Code or the 2005 UNESCO Statement on Bioethics?  If not, they need to start having that discussion because that matter is major in the lawsuits coming as a criminal medical negligence matter and wrongful death.  Whether your ministry utters the TRUTH or not, many are already watching the Czech nursing homes to track the damage done by Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

I trust you know enough about history that the Nazi German’s defense in Nuremberg of “we were just following orders” got them executed by hanging for crimes against humanity.  Simply put, illegal orders should never be obeyed, including yours, Babis, whomever.

Fourth, I hear some mumbling from you about leaving soon as Health Minister and also some utterances of TRUTH.  Is that why “they” want you gone since Babis, Vojtech and Prymula never got around to making any utterance of truthful statements?

Fifth, I noticed that Parliament said “NO” to continued lockdowns last week on February 11th and damn… then Babis & Governors Gang turned right around and overruled that by extending the lockdowns again on the very day they were to end at midnight February 14… and also coincided with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine trials on humans starting on February 15, 2021.  All of you need to start coming to grips with the definition of “illegal human vaccine trials”.

Now to other matters at hand and timely.

Our group and The Lightning Bolt have had plenty of time and evidence to evaluate your approach to being Health Minister.  It has every appearance that whatever the mainstream media is saying, even when that is dead wrong or an outright lie, is what you do.  There has been some mumbling by you about changing directions but you have failed to implement those changes for the benefit of Czech citizens.

SHAME ON YOU!   You are not my COVID-19 doctor or any other Czech citizen best I can tell.

Fact 1:  We now have over 60 FOI (Freedom of Information) responses from governments, health ministries and major research hospitals and laboratories from US, UK, EU CDC, US CDC, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Not one of them have ever isolated a SARS CoV-2 virus nor can they prove it even exists as an airborne pathogen.  That is of course evidence they and others will have to answer for in a court of law.

We are well under way in proving that the alleged UK mutated variant B.1.1.7 and the South Africa mutated variant B.1.356 are total fabrications, too.  It is not a difficult deduction that if over 60 governments, health ministries and research institutions never found or saw a SARS CoV-2, they would be clueless as to what any mutated variant really is.

Christine Massey is part of my team and has been focused solely on those Freedom of Information efforts.

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is already backing up because his threats to close Canada due to a non-existent UK B.1.1.7 mutated variety is already being proven to be under fake and false pretense.  Prime Minister Trudeau is now facing two major lawsuits in Canada over his lies and abuse of power, and soon this entire team will be named defendants in the US District Court lawsuit on much more serious charges.  As of November 1, 2020 it was admitted by the Canada federal government that 98% of all alleged Covid-19 deaths in that nation were in nursing homes, assisted living centers and long-term care facilities.  Those statistics suggest that COVID-19 is not an airborne pathogen since hardly anyone other than the elderly living in the aforementioned facilities got Covid-19.

If you base any of your decisions on media hype and lies that originated from such lackadaisical morons… SHAME ON YOU!  I doubt that any scientist in Czech Republic has seen a real SARS CoV-2 or the alleged UK and South Africa variants.  It is hard to find an airborne virus that is being injected by vaccines to whip up the fearmongering, and political and media hype.

We have been squared off with other governments on their fictitious claims of a UK mutated version B.1.1.7 and the other bogus claim of the South Africa mutated B.1.356.  They never found SARS CoV-2 and now they cannot find their alleged mutations.  Media and political lies and hype are neither medicine nor science.

It is in fact FLU SEASON right now, especially in UK according to the website.

How many Type A influenza cases are there in Czech Republic right now… regardless of age?

How many Type B influenza cases are there in Czech Republic right now… regardless of age?

How many bacterial pneumonia cases are there in Czech Republic right now… due to wearing the needless mask and regardless of the person’s age?

How many pneumococcal pneumonia cases are there in Czech Republic right now … regardless of the person’s age?

Any Health Ministry worth its salary and overhead costs should have reasonably updated figures to those questions.

Fact 2:  If you are unaware of history from 2001 to 2020, the Year 2020 was #20 as to total deaths in the USA.  Hardly indicative of some mysterious airborne virus pandemic.  The #21 least severe year was 2009, at which time former Director General of the WHO Margaret Chan declared a global Swine flu pandemic that fizzled, flopped, never happened.  She never would admit who the alarmists were that prompted her to make a career ending decision.  As it turned out, UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance, both with SAGE (Strategic Advisory Group on Emergencies) at the time, were two of those bogus advisors spreading fearmongering on bogus numbers.  Sound familiar?

Your government needs to turn the brains on, think and listen for a change because you are standing in quicksand.

The Death Toll and vaccine injuries from COVID-19 vaccines in the UK are mounting.

CMO Chris Whitty on the left, Patrick Vallance of SAGE on the right.

If you do not think UK parties have serious conflicts in this COVID-19 scam, your government needs to wake up.  Even the origin of the bogus Professor Neil Ferguson projections in early 2020 was bought and paid for by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as was the Oxford role in what is now referred to as the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.

Did you catch Sir John Bell’s (Oxford University) interview?  He flat out stated that this Covid-19 vaccine is not intended to sterilize the human population as some have claimed, only about 60-70% will be sterilized after they have the Covid-19 vaccine.  Of course, that becomes immaterial for those that die from a needless vaccine.

Fact 3:  Merck & Co has recently abandoned its 2 types of COVID-19 vaccines for the stated reason that clinical trials are proving that the vaccines have little to no efficacy and it is better to contract SARS CoV-2 and build immunity from that within survivors.  As with any type of coronavirus, the immunity is short lived and why many people still get a common cold every year.

The survival rate globally is still 99.8% for age groups under age 70-75 and not otherwise battling other comorbidity issues.  That statistic alone raises serious questions as to the need for a vaccine for nothing (99.8% survival rate) and it is known to be needless and very risky.

For Big Pharma it is all about the money, has nothing to do with public health.  For the Wealthy Elite it is all about subjugation of mankind under a Bolshevik style techno-medical tyranny.

Merck is backing up because one of their key persons is a named defendant on matters prior to joining the company that proves “foreknowledge” of what was planned for 2020 well before anyone had heard of SARS CoV-2.

Are you aware that Bill Gates stated in a video interview that “one of my companies created the coronavirus but it has not worked as well as we planned”?

We now know who, exactly by name, is the person Bill Gates referred to in that video.  Both are named defendants.

That the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is not based on any component or antigen of SARS CoV-2, is an mRNA vaccine not even remotely based on SARS CoV-2, and the same applies to Moderna mRNA and AstraZeneca (attenuated adenovirus), is problematic.  No vaccine has ever been developed for any infectious disease that was not developed based on dead virus or attenuated virus of that same virus.  That reality is missing in all of these alleged cures for SARS CoV-2 / COVID-19.

No vaccine has ever been successfully developed for any coronavirus because they are RNA viruses, not that serious as infections, but they mutate too fast for vaccine development.  We ask that you really think on the previous statements.

The vaccine injuries as adverse reactions and deaths due to the risky vaccine continue to climb in all nations that are doing the COVID-19 vaccines.  According to USA, there are 1200 dead and close to 50 000 adverse and serious reactions to a vaccine that is not based on SARS CoV-2.  At least 39 dead in Norway, 13 dead in Germany and the list goes on and on.  As stated above, CDC is lying about the real damage due to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.  As indicated herein, CDC is yet again lying about the vaccine injuries and deaths in the USA.

I trust you are aware of what immune thrombocytopenia is.  Some in the US have developed that rare disorder shortly after they received the Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine.  In all of the USA there are about 50,000 people that have immune thrombocytopenia and that list has become 36 more persons just after they received either Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vaccine.

It is no secret the in scientific community that the mRNA vaccines are highly likely to create autoimmune disorders.  What a cushy deal for Big Pharma, create permanent patients out of thin air due to the colossal Covid-19 scam.

Fact 4:  The highest per capita vaccine rate in the USA is the state of Tennessee.  That is the same state that Head Nurse Tiffany Dover died 10 hours after she received the first shot in that state in the Chattanooga TN hospital where she worked.  There are many videos of her on the Internet when she collapsed about 10 minutes after the vaccine was injected.  She was a resident of NE Alabama and her death at age 30 is in the Death Certificate records of the State of Alabama.

This is the sort of quicksand I referred to above.

Fact 5:  On January 22, 2021, the WHO announced that there is NO scientific or medical reason to mandate masks for healthy people.  That of course nullifies the justifications for social distancing or lockdown measures, or even closing shops and restaurants.  Any pathogen with a 99.8% survival rate never was a PANDEMIC, and the recommended / mandatory masks that cannot stop any virus.

Why is the Czech Republic still acting like masks make a difference?  The masks will not stop a Type A or Type B influenza virus, or common cold, or this alleged SARS CoV-2.  Frankly, it is not your job to protect people from the common cold, influenza or the SARS CoV-2 that over 60 nations have not seen and cannot find.  The common cold is real, influenza is real, yet no one can come up with hard scientific facts that SARS CoV-2 even exists.

What part of this does the Czech government not understand or grasp the importance on such an important medical and health subject?

How many alleged COVID-19 patients in Czech hospitals are: 1) elderly age 75 to 100; and 2.) have other comorbidity issues; and 3.) are battling Type A, Type B influenza or complications due to pneumonia; or 4.) are younger and battling either bacterial pneumonia or pneumococcal pneumonia due to wearing masks too much during cold weather?  You should have a reasonably accurate figure for each of those items if anyone in Czech Health Ministry is doing their job.

You can rely on this… all of you are going to get to answer those questions under oath before a judge and a jury.

Fact 6:  Approximately 16 nations will be receiving subpoenas for copies of the extortionate loan documents that has national leaders being traitors to their own citizens for the Court and Jury to review and weigh in their final decision and orders issued.  Yes, we know about the extortionate demands in those COVID-19 loan documents offered by the World Bank and the IMF.

Any national parties signing such agreements may well be facing long sentences to prison either under US law for criminal racketeering, bioterrorism, abuse of human rights, etc. or under the laws of their own nations.  Many will have a panic attack when they learn that the world still recognizes The Nuremberg Code and why it exists.

I remind you again that there was a criminal bioterrorism action delivered to the Czech government on April 21, 2020 and the Czech government has done nothing but try to ignore that fact and cover it up.  That matter is not going to go away and will soon be a major in your face issue.

Fact 7:  Many governments are going to find out the hard way that the forced wearing of useless masks will have a huge blow back effect in the future.  Masks have fibers that once inhaled into the lungs create permanent damage known as pulmonary fibrosis.

Fact 8:  WHO Admits High-Cycle PCR Tests Produce Massive COVID False Positives

When the following have tested positive for COVID-19 by the PCR tests, sane / intelligent / competent people would question the efficacy of that test and the advisability of their idiotic decisions based on a flawed test approach.  The PCR tests were never intended to be used as an on-the-spot medical diagnosis tool for infectious pathogens and in fact cannot tell the difference between common cold, influenza or Ebola.  (It is doubtful that a PCR can detect a SARS CoV-2 virus since 54 FOI responses from some of the largest “purported health experts” have never found a SARS CoV-2 virus anywhere at any time.)

Tanzania – a goat, a pawpaw fruit and a papaya tested positive for COVID-19

Russia – apple pear juice available in most grocery stores tested positive for COVID-19

UK – a Bramley apple tested positive for COVID-19

Austria Parliament – Coca Cola tested positive for COVID-19

Red Wine recently tested positive for COVID-19

People in all nations are waking up to the fact that “new cases” due to a flawed test does not equate to being ill from COVID-19 or being a threat to overload ICU’s in hospitals.  Case in point being the O2 Arena in Prague, the military COVID-19 emergency center and the Babis fiasco at Letnany that are empty of COVID-19 patients.

Possibly you have heard that PM Justin Trudeau is going to lock down Canada under even more strict measures due to nonsense information emanating out of the UK.  As a matter of fact, Ontario alone has 384 hospitals and a total of 369 people in ICU, allegedly battling COVID-19.  That was as of January 28, 2021.  The truth is those in ICU are battling old age, comorbidity issues, Type A or B influenza or pneumonia.  I have many scientific, medical and ICU / ER nursing contacts in Ontario where my company is building a new production center.

Justin Trudeau & Gang are also defendants and have already been advised of such, as has Boris Johnson & Gang.

Fact 9:  This fact should be right up your alley as a doctor with specialty in hemophilia and related disorders.  I refer you back to the November 9, 2020 open letter I sent to you and the world.  On January 26, 2021, the WHO issued new guidance on how to best treat survivors of COVID-19:

Anticoagulants and respiratory “flu like illness” are terms that should never be used in the same sentence (i.e. oxymoron) if SARS CoV-2 is what some say it is and the media pounds everyone in the head with false information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for close to a year now.

We have now amassed evidence that over 90% of the dead were in nursing homes and long term care facilities, and of 82 autopsies 68% of them died of DIC and/or pulmonary thrombosis.  We are aware of over 300 more autopsies that will be subpoenaed for trial and that 68% trend line is fairly stable.  That is suggestive that COVID-19 is vaccine induced, does cause coagulation problems in some people, not an airborne pathogen.  There is a direct correlation between where flu vaccines are mandatory for staff and long-term care residents and the number of dead whether from COVID-19, influenza or pneumonia due to old age and other comorbidity issues.

Are you aware of any airborne flu-like virus that produces close to 70% fatality rate from DIC or pulmonary thrombosis?  Yet still has a known survival rate for most people of 99.8%?

We did not think so and neither do thousands of microbiologist, virologists, immunologists, doctors and nurses that have been on the front line in hospitals all over the world.  Have you seen the news globally that doctors and nurses are in mass refusing this ridiculous COVID-19 vaccine that is proving to be either deadly or debilitating?

The carnage in Bergamo Italy was due to an experimental quadrivalent flu vaccine that was cultured in dog kidney cells for Type A H1N1, Type A H2N3, Type B/Yamagata and Type B/Victoria.  The autoimmune response that vaccine produced was far too powerful for the recipients.  The average age of the deceased was 79.5 years and had an average of 2.3 comorbidity issues per patient including heart and lung diseases, obesity, diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure or cancer.

Fact 10:  The November 9, 2020 Open Letter should have made you abundantly aware of and sufficiently advised of Dr. Fauci’s role in analyzing the true cause of deaths during the 1918 – 1920 Spanish flu pandemic.  The majority of those persons died of bronchial or pneumococcal pneumonia and that claimed tens of millions of lives, not the influenza.

Bacterial pneumonia cases are on the rise due to excessive wearing of needless and useless masks, as are influenza as is typical for every winter season.

Now the moron Dr. Anthony Fauci is recommending double or triple masks when he already knows they are harmful and do in fact cause pneumonia.  Additionally, he has publicly stated that the masks will not stop a virus.  They are more of a “personal comfort” device according to a TV interview he recently did in the USA.

Fact 11:  Of all nations the one that has the most named defendants is the UK, for good cause.  The UK is now claiming it has a more infectious and more deadly Type B SARS CoV-2, mutated variant B.1.1.7.  That is a blatant lie that has been turned into media hype.  Other nations are following suit on more harsh lockdowns and face mask measures on fictitious medical and scientific justification emanating from CMO Chris Whitty and SAGE advisor Patrick Vallance.

Are you aware that Boris Johnson’s girlfriend and mother of his youngest child is a self-avowed Satanist?

Dr. Delores Cahill, PhD, former Max Planck Institute of Virology and a team recently performed a full evaluation of 1,500 of these alleged “Type B.1.1.7” cases from the UK.  Every one of those 1,500 cases, proven in laboratory and by genome are in fact Type A and Type B influenza that is prevalent this time of the year, every year.  1,500 cases and not one of them are COVID-19, but a person cannot deduce that fact from the media hype the UK is creating out of thin air.

Another group in California tested 1,500 alleged COVID-19 case samples and proved that every one of them are Type A influenza and Type B influenza.

In short, UK is lying and we know why, and California has been lying, too.

Fact 12:  Courts in Germany and most recently Belgium have ruled that certain measures being enforced as a pretense of public health in the absence of medical or scientific evidence, are unconstitutional.

Fact 13:  The US CDC has made two admissions of fact that all nations need to consider and/or reconsider regarding their negligent actions.

First, CDC admitted that they have never isolated a SARS CoV-2 virus.  They just “made it up” using a computer modeling tool.  That is now confirmed a second time in their FOI response to my team during pre-trial investigation.  The US CDC has never isolated or seen a SARS CoV-2 virus.

It was the CDC that radiated this nonsense all over the world when they sent out the “genome” of their computer model (not a real genome of a real SARS CoV-2) but told everyone to focus on the 3′ part of the genome that mutates rapidly, not the 5′ UTR.

Some, including Dr. Sona Pekova, PhD of Tilia Laboratories, Pchery CR, noted that the 5′ UTR cannot possibly be anything that evolved naturally in nature.

Second, CDC has admitted that they overstated the actual COVID-19 cases and deaths in the USA by 96%.  That was not a mathematical error, it was willful intent to oversell hype in a US election year, create lockdowns out of thin air and force mail-in ballots in many states controlled by Democrat governors and health ministers that have been caught in lie, after lie, after lie.

Have you seen the US news that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may well be indicted soon for criminal negligence and issuing orders and mandates that intentionally killed people?

I refer you back to the November 9. 2020 Open Letter because these two CDC facts stated above were made known to you over 3 months ago.

Fact 14:  If you missed the timeline regarding hydroxychloroquine

Donald Trump is using HCQ but that is “bad and irresponsible” according to Fauci, Birx and US media.  Of course, that prescription was by the medical doctors at Bethesda Medical that take care of the US President and other high level people in the US Government.

Speaker of the US House Nancy Pelosi stated on TV that Trump was being irresponsible and HCG was bad treatment.

FDA bans all doctors in the US from using HCQ.  Many doctors disobeyed and had zero deaths when they added Vitamin C and D3, zinc, Ivermectin and “ANTICOAGULANTS” when they saw what the vaccines were doing to induce blood clotting in the alleged COVID-19 patients.

Trump loses the election due to massive vote fraud due to “mail in ballots” that some key states mandated and just happened to have Democrat Governors.

Now that Biden is in office, HCQ has now been cleared as treatment for COVID-19 by any doctor in the USA.

That timeline, math and motives are not hard to follow.

Fauci led a research study about 15 years ago showing HCQ does work, so he has been lying, too.  HCQ is cheap and effective, the COVID vaccines are expensive and ineffective.  That math is not hard to deduce at to true motives of certain parties including Fauci.  Dr. Anthony Fauci is just as compromised as Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance in the UK.

There are doctors in many parts of the world still using HCQ and have had few or no deaths.  In Uganda where malaria is prevalent and people eat HCQ like jelly beans that nation has had a total of 19 alleged COVID-19 deaths, if the cases were really SARS CoV-2 / COVID-19.

Fact 15:  In Ireland the new GSK flu vaccine (ludicrously named Pandemrix) for this year is producing a high rate of serious side effects in children, such as narcolepsy.

Fact 16: Sweden did not buy off on the CDC / USA / UK nonsense and lock down their economy. The Swedish economy was the only one in EU that actually grew in 2020, while bureaucratic idiots in other nations have destroyed or seriously injured their economies.

Furthermore, Sweden has now banned masks for cause, there is no medical or scientific proof they stop and virus and in fact do not. Other than watching TV where did Czech Republic come up with the lunacy that now 2 masks are required?

Sweden Bans Masks: ‘No Scientific Evidence’ They Prevent COVID

In closing, a group of microbiologists reviewed in the laboratory 1500 alleged COVID-19 cases and found that all 1,500 were Type A and Type B influenza. They sent their findings to Cornell University, Stanford University and 7 other major universities in California and their finding were confirmed.

Due to that, those universities are suing the CDC for FRAUD… because they have never seen a SARS CoV-2, have never isolated one, and everything they have said since March 2020 has been a premeditated lie.

Think on that because fraud and worse is coming at the Czech Government.

Fact 17:  The Lightning Bolt has quietly started going global over the past 2 months, so this is not just a limited number of Czech citizens that are standing up to the insane and needless medical recommendations emanating from 16 nations that will soon find themselves exposed to the entire world as medical frauds and traitors to their own citizens.


Karl W. B. Schwarz

Managing Director, CEO