Shame on you ALL!

Hello Premier Doug Ford,

Even though this is primarily directed to and at you, the other parties need to heed the contents of this email.   Consider it an Open Letter that will go out to millions of people around the world from April 2 to Easter Sunday. Your new Chief Medical Officer Dr. David Williams can now consider himself a defendant in what will soon be multiple civil and criminal lawsuits headed at all of you.  We have already named your other Covid-19 epidemiologist from University of Toronto as well as well as multiple current and former persons of McGill University, and those within Toronto government, too.

I received news on March 31 that your office was going to relax the “grey zone” rules in Toronto area, Red Zone elsewhere, and then you turn around on April 1, 2021 and lock down an entire province for 28 days effective 12:01am April 3.  I know about 5,000 people in Canada, most of them in Ontario.  None of them took that as an April Fool’s joke, and neither do I.  None of them agree with your actions.

For all of this talk about “sustainability”, actions of government and public health officials that have no regards for health are what are not sustainable.

I have a direct interest in Ontario because my company has been considering a 3 to 5 phase FDI capital expenditure there that would be in range of $3 to $4 billion and thousands of new high-tech jobs.  It is a big world, every nation needs jobs, and the last thing I need is a local government that is acting like they are brain damaged.  If I do not start seeing some truth or reasonable actions from you, that project will probably be cancelled and located somewhere that the government is more reliable and even keeled in thought and actions.

Did you see the news that there were 100 people tested, had recently been given both COVID shots, had never tested positive or had COVID but they are now Covid positive?  Yes, 100%, 100 of 100 that had both shots are now Covid positive.  That suggests that Covid is related to vaccines, not airborne. 

There have been a huge number of vaccine injuries and deaths due to the AstraZeneca, Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, yet Canada is begging for more.  I am the head of one of the world’s top nanotechnology companies and one of our divisions is nanopharma.  Anyone begging for this vaccine, needs to do research regarding risks to their current and future health and then go see a psychologist. 

The most ludicrous thing I see from governments is for something that has a survival rate of 99.8% for most people, we all need to be vaccinated.  That is utterly absurd for anyone that takes a moment to consider the real need for a vaccine for nothing, and then find out even if vaccinated it is not a cure for anything.

Did you see the news in October 2020 that 98% of all alleged Covid-19 deaths in Canada were in nursing homes and LTC facilities?  That is not even remotely suggestive of some deadly airborne virus that not a single government entity or research hospital or university in Canada has ever found.

Has anyone in your government investigated the connection between 2019-2020 flu vaccines, or the 2020-2021 flu vaccines and people either testing positive for Covid-19 or actually getting sick and being hospitalized?   We have yet to find even 1 person in 10 nations that declines the flu vaccines every year but still got the alleged Covid-19.  What is equally telling is the correlation that every person where autopsies were performed had recently had the flu vaccine last year or this year.

We have a large volume of evidence from Northern Italy and Germany, including autopsies that were performed in spite of government orders to cremate to destroy evidence.  Have you heard that all of the Covid vaccines are causing blood clotting as a side effect or a cause of death?  Of the first 82 autopsies I reviewed, 68% of them died of pulmonary thrombosis (blood clotting in the lungs) and/or DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation).  That is more indicative of vaccine induced than airborne respiratory virus induced.

How many flu cases have there been in Canada 2020-2021 that are being labeled as Covid?  I trust you do know that it has been flu season for about the past 4-5 months and it has been a rather mild one globally just as it was last year when not a single nation on this planet reported any “excess mortality” during what has already been proven to be yet another bogus WHO pandemic declaration just like 2009.

I have checked the demographics for Canada.  There was no excess mortality last year and more evidence the “pandemic” is more media and political carnival than a health issue to be concerned about.

I was sent a screen shot of CT24 that you claim “we are in a desperate battle fighting Covid variants”.  Really?  Have you actually seen one of those variants other than the hype on TV?

I have 15 FOI responses from all over Canada (over 65 globally) that are part of the civil / criminal lawsuit my group is filing and not one of them have isolated, seen or even researched a SARS CoV-2 virus.  They cannot even prove it exists and that includes EU CDC and US CDC.  That same applies to UK where they claim they are the origin of variant B.1.1.7, yet none of them ever found SARS CoV-2 or that variant B.1.1.7.

That raises a legitimate question medically and scientifically… if they never found, saw or researched SAR CoV-2 why do they now claim a variant of what they are clueless about?

Same applies to the South Africa and Brazil variants.  Other than the Western MSM, they do not have a clue what you are talking about down in South Africa or Brazil.  They have Covid vaccine injuries, no Covid in sight.  Did you hear that the WHO is now saying that these alleged variants are not that contagious or deadly?  Did you miss that news, or your apparently incompetent medical advisors missed it?

Have you actually seen a SARS CoV-2 or any of the variants?  I doubt it, since your top university researchers have yet to find the original in over 1 year and not one nation can provide solid proof there are any variants other than on TV.

We have seen a copy of the extortionate World Bank and IMF loans that have people like you literally being traitors to your own citizens.   Mandatory lock downs, business closures, masks, social distancing, spikes in suicides, overdoses, etc. and etc., and when the propaganda is not working multiple nations all reinstate strict measures in unison.  All of that is in those extortionate loan agreements purportedly done of the purpose of “Covid Relief”.  SHAME ON YOU!

I have scientists, doctors, nurses all over the world feeding us intelligence and evidence from inside of hospitals, clinics and even some government agencies busy in cover up mode.  According to a screen shot I saw doctors are trying to advise you that ICU numbers are not the way to implement a 28 day harsh and punishing lock down on the basis of no hard facts or reality whatsoever.  SHAME ON YOU!

There are 384 hospitals in Ontario, exactly how many are in ICU right now?  I have seen the Ontario numbers, have you?  Does not equate to even 2 per hospital, hardly a traffic jam in ICU except maybe in Toronto area.  SHAME ON YOU!

How many of them are elderly near end of life, battling flu and/or pneumonia, or heart failure, or other major organ failure or cancer?  I hear there are no major problems regarding real Covid cases anywhere in Ontario.  Real doctors and nurses are not averse to the truth.  SHAME ON YOU!

In Europe we kept wondering how the bogus Covid case numbers were being manufactured.  It was not long before we received the following and they are but 2 of many companies reaping profits making utter crap to manufacture FAKE COVID NUMBERS.  SHAME ON YOU!

All governments soon get to face the biggest class action lawsuits that have ever happened.  We have solid proof from 7 nations in Europe that PCR tests are being intentionally over-cycled and even then finding virtually nothing but common cold or flu.  But… numbers like 40 become 400, or 80 become 800 and so on to terrorize their citizens as you are doing in Ontario and Trudeau is doing across Canada.  That is gross scientific, medical and political fraud… even without the media hype.

When that was not working their Plan B was what you see above… just decide which person gets a “green” or gets “red” and did not even have Covid at all.  Note in the second photo there is a biohazard in the Abbott test kit.  SHAME ON YOU!

The swabs used with those tests above are sterilized with ethylene oxide.  That is a known carcinogen responsible for causing 7 types of cancer.  My group and hundreds of others around the world will make sure everyone subjected to these useless tests knows who to sue for causing them to get cancer for nothing or willfully exposing them to a carcinogen as a pretense of “public health”.  SHAME ON YOU!

Have you seen the news that courts in Austria, Norway and most recently Belgium and Finland have struck down the lock down mandates as having no basis scientifically or medically?  SHAME ON YOU!

Have you seen the news that Italy has filed a criminal action at the ICC at the Hague for abuse of human rights?  The State of Wisconsin ruled just this week that mask mandates are illegal.  SHAME ON YOU!

First thing Monday morning I am going to contact Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an attorney in Germany that hammered both Volkswagen Group and Deutsche Bank in the past.  We have been in regular contact since May 2020 about his lawsuit that was recently filed here against your administration and Trudeau in Ottawa.  I have decided to share with him some of the criminal aspects we are bringing under Title 18, US Criminal Code, ICC, and Nuremberg Code.  Even the parts of the US Criminal Code have already been applied outside of the USA, so even governments engaged in criminal conduct are not immune.

If Dr Fuellmich wants to ramp up what he has filed against you as a criminal matter, I have decided that my team will help him do so. 

Your April Fool’s joke was not well received.  Social media has already created a PORN HUB meme of you… screwed an entire province.  SHAME ON YOU!


Karl W. B. Schwarz
Managing Director, CEO
Tokata Nanotech Group, s.r.o.
Prague Czech Republic 17000

Tokata Nanotechnologies AG
Kruezlingen CH-8280

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